What do you think?

Here’s something to get you started …What does concept map mean to you? What maps do you use every day? How has technology changed maps and the way you use them? Do you consider maps as art?

Post your opinion.

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  1. Maps are a guide. In my opinion, a map should be a clear and defined path from one point to another.

    In regards to a map that is used everyday, i dont know if a map is still considered a map once you’ve memorized it. Walking to work for example may have started out as a subway/ street map my first day but once i learned the path, the instructions on how to get to work became something that i didnt necessarily require a map for. Memory, i dont think, is a map really.

    Technology has changed maps in the sense that we no longer need a tangible piece of paper in order to get the information. We can log on to the internet’s many map providers and learn the route from there without ever having to actually even print it. For example, maps can now be downloaded to palm pilot.

    Maps aren’t actually art in my opinion. Their main purpose is to provide information. At times maps do look interesting and intriguing if they are of a place that i find interest (i.e. random Google Earth locations) but i dont think maps that are created in abstract thought are still maps. I think once it loses its primary function it becomes art.

  2. To me, maps are representation of connections of thoughts or facts. It shows the in which distance each thought or fact is connected to each other, in what way and how. I think this definition fits for all kinds of maps, from subway maps to maps that show personal relationships of a certain group of people.

  3. (I pressed enter by mistake. Please disregard the above comment and read this one instead!)

    To me, maps are visual connections of thoughts or facts. It shows how far apart each thought or fact is , in what way they are connected and how they are related. I think this definition fits for all kinds of maps, from subway maps to maps that show personal relationships of a certain group of people.

    I use maps in every forms. I draw simple maps to organize the relationships or connections of data for a presentation or even to help my own understanding, look for geographical maps to find places, and even build an imaginary map in my mind to clean up my thoughts.

    I think maps themselves create a new data, which is a connection or relationship of already existing sets of data.

  4. A map is a visual display of data or information.

    Everyday I use a map of my city to guide myself. This particular map is in my mind and although its not physical it was formed by a combination of observing other maps and observing my surroundings in person. The mind can hold data that a person can map to meet their needs. Other than that I don’t really use a map on a regular basis.

    Technology has advanced maps in many ways. One of the most notable advancements, is that maps no longer need to be drawn by hand. Computers have the potential to generate more legible and accurate maps than a human. Also, through the use of the internet maps have become more interactive with their users. Google Maps for example can be customized for many different functions. The virtual interface of the map allows for things that wouldn’t normally be possible like zooming or asking a map to create a route between two points. These maps can plot new data on the fly also, marking new points. This provides a very dynamic experience that can facilitate many needs.

    I wouldn’t consider any map to be art, but art is subjective and is based on perspective. The creator should explain why they created the art work and what they’re trying to convey. Art should always have some type of message that its communicating even if that message is reinterpreted by someone who isn’t the creator.

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